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Kent Covers Band

Kent based band The Stress Monkeys are a covers band performing songs from the modern Indie scene right through to classic rock standards. Available as a full four piece band or as a vocals/guitar duo they are perfect for any live venue or event, from pub gigs to festivals and from corporate events to weddings. Whatever the size of your venue you can be certain that we will entertain your clients.

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Indie and Rock Covers

Ideal for the pub circuit and festivals the band perform cover versions of songs by bands like The Killers, Biffy Clyro, Queens Of The Stoneage and The Automatics among many more. Their ever changing set is constantly updated as new music hits the scene.

Classic Rock and 60's

Great for the Working Men's Club circuit, weddings, parties and events. The band can turn their hand to the old rock and dance standards to ensure that your party or event goes with swing and gets everybody off the chairs onto the dance floor.

Band or Duo plus Disco

We can supply a full disco as part of our event package service so you can take care of everything in one sweep. Singer Paul Wood also runs a leading Kent based disco so along with the full stage lighing you get the full package.

About The Covers Band

Kent based covers band

Audio Cover Samples

Your not going to book us without hearing what we sound like so please click the play icon next to the song names below to hear mp3 samples of the tracks we perform.

Crazy Horses:
Many Of Horror:
Still Got The Blues :
Midnight Hour :
I Believe In A Thing Called Love :

The Stress Monkeys are a four piece Kent based covers band comprising of Paul Wood on lead vocals/guitar, Nick Wood on lead guitar/bv's, Steve Smile on bass guitar and Steve Wellard on Drums/bv's plus occasional keyboards. Although a reasonably new band, the members have all played with each other professionally in various other bands and as such worked as a very tight unit from the word go. The band have a wide and varied repertoire and can cover any genre of songs from 60's Rock 'n'Roll right through the ages to the modern Indie guitar band scene. Paul and Nick also provide a duo offshoot of the band and perform to backing tracks recorded by The Stress Monkeys in Nick's own kent based recording studio so even as a duo they sound like a live band. Along with their array of lighting equipment The Stress Monkeys band or duo are perfect for any size venue. This great kent covers band can also incorporate a full disco into the band hire package so they really are a one stop service for your events entertainment needs.

Gigs In And Around Kent

  • Paul Wood - Vocals
  • Nick Wood - Guitar
  • Steve Smile - Bass
  • Steve Wellard - Drums

Paul Wood

The youngest and most energetic member of The Stress Monkeys, Paul has been in the entertainment industry all his life. Having a background as a solo singer this is Paul's first outing as a band frontman and has taken to it like a duck to water. Discovered by fellow Stress Monkeys bandmate Nick Wood at his recording studio in Kent, Paul has gone from strength to strength and has become an invaluable addition to the lineup.

Paul's influences are from the sonwriting greats like Lennon and mcCartney and Freddie Mercury and is a keen songwriter himself, finding himself spending many an hour in the recording studio. When he's not gigging or songwriting Paul can be found providing entertainment via his Kent Disco business Paradox Disco

Nick Wood

An experienced guitarist of more than 25 years Nick has been a prominent feature of the Kent music scene, playing in numerous popular bands such as Atlantic Blue, The Rainkings (along with fellow Stress Monkeys bassist Steve Smile), Headlong, Broadband Duo and more recently The Fecks.

Nick's love of the guitar invariably comes from hearing the some worlds greatest guitarists when he was growning up. Guitarists like Clapton, Hendrix and Beck like other countless wannabee's but he also favours the eclectic styles of Robert Fripp, Frank Zappa and Steve Vai. Although he uses tricks learnt from the greats he can vary his style to fit any genre and is equally at home playing funk or disco as he is rock.

Nick owns and runs kent based recording studio Broadwood Music Productions and not only records local bands and artist's there but he also teaches guitar.

Steve Smile

Steve also has a great deal of musical experience and although being on the scene for quite some time in many local bands including The Brothers Grimm, 69 Daze and The Hurlimans, after he had a succesful 10 year stint with popular local band The Rainkings he went into retirement. Through constant pestering from his ex Rainkings band mate Nick Wood he decided to come out of retirement to complete the current Stress Monkeys lineup.

Steve's influences are many and varied and include Led Zeppelin, the late great Jaco Pastorius and has many 80's influences including level 42 and Duran Duran.

Not one to pass up a party it can be said that steve's favourite quote is ..

".. you know you haven't drunk enough if you can lie on the floor without holding on ..."

Steve Wellard

Steve is another well know face around the local music circuit. Long time friend of Guitarist Nick Wood they both had their first band together at the age of 16. Their paths have often crossed over the years and played together in Atlantic Blue, The Hugh jampton Band and is sometimes seen with Nick in The Fecks. Steve has done other stuff over the years and still is a member of popular local band Bam Bam.

Another one to have eclectic styles and tastes steve was brought into the drumming world listening to Neil Peart of Rush. Not only a very capable drummer but steve has a musical background in playing trumpet and can also be seen in The Stress Monkeys simultaneously playing Drums and Keyboards at the same time. No mean feat!!!

Contact information

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  • Address: Unit7, Newington Enterprise Center, Wardwell Lane, Newington
  • Mobile: +44 (0)7732 613471 (Nick Wood)
  • Studio: +44 (0)1795 841426 (Karen Hardy)

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